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Bumper Stickers 1 and 2

1.       Education Before Vaccination

2.       Cat Vaccinations Can Lead to CANCER

Bumper Stickers 3 and 4

3.       Do you want a CAT or a CAMEL?

4.       VACCINATION killed the cat…And nothing could bring it back.

Bumper Stickers 5 and 6

5.       My cat lost 8 pounds from a Vaccination-Associated Cancer.

6.       A single rabies vaccination protects 95% of cats for their entire lifetime.

Bumper Stickers 7 and 8

7.       LEARN ABOUT THE DANGERS of Cat Vaccination.

8.        Just say NO to Cat Vaccinations!


Cat Vaccines Can Lead To Cancer! Information about
Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma (VAS).


* Notes

1.        All downloads are Microsoft Word documents.

2.        Bumper stickers 1 through 6 are formatted for Avery 5265 Full Sheet Labels, with 2 stickers per label. You can alternately use any other brand of 8˝” x 11” full sheet label.

3.        To print the bumper stickers in color, it is recommended that you use a LaserJet printer so that the color will not run when it gets wet.

4.        If you have an Inkjet or similar printer, it is recommended that you print the bumper stickers in black & white only.

5.        After printing, cut along both sides of the dividing line to make two equal-sized stickers.

6.        Clean the bumper surface before attaching the bumper sticker. As you attach the bumper sticker, smooth out any bumps.


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